A product of three continents, SHAB is a thoroughly American singer & songwriter. Gaining first attention in the Western Hemisphere during late 2020 as a "breakout star of the global pandemic," SHAB has registered three consecutive Number Two hits on the British commercial pop charts with her first three English language singles released during the 2020-21 COVID lockdown.
Further, her February 2021 debut album, INFINITE LOVE, has been met by immediate critical acclaim, with her unique electronic dance sound typified as “an energizing Global Pop that is both effortless and memorable.”


SHAB was born in Tehran as the youngest of 13 children in a family ravaged by the circumstances of post-revolutionary Iran. Her father, a principal within Iran's petrochemical industry, died unexpectedly when SHAB was approximately six months old, leaving her mother alone to raise her large family. The continuous socio-political turmoil and persecution that followed from the Iranian Revolution finally necessitated her family to flee for Europe when SHAB was eight years old, leaving behind the family's wealth in Iran and escaping for Germany with little more than suitcases.
SHAB attended boarding school in Germany until the age of fourteen, when she emigrated to the United States. As a result of this multicultural upbringing, SHAB is fluent in both Farsi and English as well as conversationally conversant in German.
Her mother eventually settled in suburban Baltimore, where most of SHAB's immediate family resides today.


Following in the footsteps of her older brother Shahab Kamouei (a noted Persian American pop singer), SHAB initially began her entertainment career while singing in her native Farsi language under the stage name "Shabnam." She experienced some limited success during 2016 & 2017 with the Farsi single PAS CHI SHOD and the English-Farsi mix LOVE YOU.
During early 2018, SHAB sought to crossover as an English language entertainer and began working with two California-based producer-songwriters, Damon Sharpe & Eric Sanicola.



Her debut English language single, SPELL ON ME, was co-written with the award-winning team of Sharpe & Sanicola. Originally released during February 2020, the video for SPELL ON ME -- directed by Eli Sokhn and with Mad Max stylings as shot in the California high desert -- has generated more than two million views since its initial release. Thereafter the audio track of the song entered the MusicWeek United Kingdom Commercial Pop charts during October 2020 and peaked during November 2020 at Number Two. Remixes of SPELL ON ME by a variety of international DJs (including Ralph Rosario, KNAPPY, Joe Mas & Until Dawn) were released in March 2021.


This second English language single was released during December 2020 in both audio and video formats. WHAT I DO was again co-written by SHAB with Sharpe & Sanicola, while the supporting video (with its obvious Tron influences) was once more directed by Sokhn and has generated more than two million views. As an audio track, WHAT I DO opened at #37 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Indicators chart in America and during the first week of April 2021 also peaked at #2 on the MusicWeek Commercial Pop chart in Britain. During May 2021, SHAB released remixes of WHAT I DO by various DJs, including James Anthony, Mr. Boots UK & Royal Hustle.


INFINITE LOVE was released on 12 February 2021, with five of its songs co-written by SHAB. The album also included a cover of a Depeche Mode hit, HALO, from its 1990 album, Violator.


The third single from SHAB’s debut album -- a remake of her MUSIC TO MY HEART featuring internet sensations the Martinez Twins of Barcelona -- was released during July 2021 (and together with a supporting music video). During the chart week ended 22 November 2021, this last of the three singles released from INFINITE LOVE became her third consecutive Number Two hit on the MusicWeek Commercial Pop chart in Britain. During April 2022, SHAB released remixes of MUSIC TO MY HEART by Dave Aude, Until Dawn, ORGAZUMU & Jesus Montanez.


During October 2021 and as her first English language performance, SHAB held a benefit concert for the Dallas-based charity Hope Supply Co., which provides the essential needs of homeless children.
SHAB recruited a top-level cast of musicians, led by Gibson guitar idol Mike Manning (formerly, the longtime guitarist for Demo Lovato), to serve as her backing band and in a debut English concert performance that met with universal acclaim.
SHAB and her team decided to release the video footage from this 2021 concert as a series of performance videos beginning in February 2022 and will be releasing the full performance as both a full-length concert video and album during May 2022.


During March 2022, Shab released a three-song EP called ACOUSTIC REVEAL, featuring three of the songs appearing on INFINITE LOVE -- being WHAT I DO, SPELL ON ME and SKIN & BONES -- re-recorded in an intimate, unplugged format.


Together with her partner, SHAB maintains homes in both Dallas (which houses her home studio) & Baltimore and has two children.
She owns her own record label, Shabnam Music, through which she has released all of her English language music to date.
During 1997, SHAB became a United States citizen and in 2014 became a Certified Yoga Instructor (but has never taught as such in a professional capacity).
SHAB & her partner are heavily involved with both Hope Supply Co. and The Kynect Foundation (dedicated to serving the needs of children, military veterans & civil First Responders).


• Born in Tehran, Iran as the youngest of 13 children
• Father died when SHAB was only six months old
• Moved to central West Germany, attended school in Kassel
• Moved to United States, with mother and remaining family settling in greater Baltimore
• Graduated from high school in Towson, Maryland
• Became United States citizen
• Graduated from Towson University with Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies & Marketing
• Briefly attended law school at Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
• First began dabbling in songwriting and recording
• Returned to greater Baltimore, where for a number of years SHAB abandoned music and mostly helped with family’s various businesses
• Returned to musical efforts, with first recordings of Farsi songs
• Relocated to Dallas
• Continued recording new songs in Farsi
• Released first Farsi language singles, including PAS CHI SHOD and the Farsi-English pastiche LOVE YOU
• Began working with producer Damon Sharpe, with first English song recorded being DOWN TO THE WIRE (only released during 2021)
• Released first English single, SPELL ON ME (co-written with Sharpe & Eric Sanicola), as well as associated music video (directed by Eli Sokhn)
SPELL ON ME reaches Number One on the Global Digital Music Charts and Number Two on the British Commercial Pop Charts
• Released second single, WHAT I DO (also co-written with Sharpe & Sanicola), and associated music video (again directed by Sokhn)
• Release of first English album, INFINITE LOVE, comprised of eight songs (five of which are co-written with Sanicola and/or Sharpe)
APRIL 2021
WHAT I DO reaches Number Two on the British Commercial Pop Charts (behind Sam Smith at Number One.)
JULY 2021
• Released third single, MUSIC TO MY HEART (FEATURING THE MARTINEZ TWINS), together with associated music video (again directed by Sokhn)
MUSIC TO MY HEART reaches Number Two on the British Commercial Pop Charts (behind Ed Sheeran at Number One but ahead of Shakira at Number Three)
• Began releasing video performances from her CONCERT FOR HOPE SUPPLY CO. benefit, held during late October 2021.
MARCH 2022
• Released ACOUSTIC REVEAL in both audio & video formats.